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Discover the Knife that Facilitates and, Definitely, Rapidly Improves your Cooking Skills 


Monday, May 24th 2021 | Gordon Andrews

Summary: Today we discover how one extremely ambitious and incredibly persistent hobby chef has been revolutionizing his kitchen. He met a tool that drastically changed his culinary performance.

For kitchen experts and hobby masterchefs like Mike Fox, it’s generally really easy to tell a bad knife apart from a good knife. But what he claims to be the tougher part is to tell apart a good knife from a GREAT knife.

“We all have had this one knife that works well the first couple of weeks and then suddenly when we need it most, it starts losing most of its cutting ability and becomes yet another blunt knife”, Mike says.

Like many other professional and hobby chefs across the world, Mike was tired of having to deal with “good” knives which would turn bad after a few weeks. Or the fact that he seemed to need one specific knife for every other task in his kitchen…

“There’s bread knives, meat knives, chopping knives… it was a mess. I found myself many times wishing someone would simply just go ahead and develop a knife I can work with 24/7, day in, day out

That’s when Mike thought about a trip he had taken to Japan a few years earlier to visit an old high school friend.

One thing Mike had especially noticed during his trip as a hobby chef himself, is that the local sushi master chefs were just using one knife and nothing else to prepare the razor thin fish fillets.

How could these sushi master chefs somehow manage to deal with one single knife? While Mike himself was struggling to find a knife which would fit his needs?

The One Call to his Former School Friend Living in Japan Which Would Change Everything

Mike decided to call his friend after a long time. They first caught up on their lives and the latest news about their families, before Mike dropped the much wanted question:

“Listen, on our trip three years ago, when we went to your local sushi place… how come these chefs only were using one knife? I’m over here struggling with TEN knives, yet these chefs manage to get such incredible clean and effortless cuts without using even more than one knife”

Mike’s friend simply replied:

“Mike… it’s a combination of thousand-year-old tradition and achievements in the latest Japanese technology. Look, the result you see at the sushi table starts even before the fish is caught! It starts at the factory which is producing these incredible knives. They are relying on hundreds of years old samurai tradition and combine it with the latest technology. It’s really an incredible thing…”

Mike was struck. He asked his friend if he could send him one of these knives along with the contact of a distributor, and he gladly obliged.

Putting the Japanese Samurai Knife to the test

When Mike received his knife he was taken aback by the quality of the craftsmanship and the genuine leather pouch which was sent along.

This was indeed no ordinary knife, no… This was a real statement and a real tool.

The handle area is perfectly engineered using natural oak so that I can grab it as close as possible without it slipping off my hands. Additionally, the laser cut hole allows me to use my index finger as an additional stability to cut everything even easier.”

Now You Too Can Easily Chop, slice, filet and dice ANYTHING with NaifuPro

Mike’s story is a typical example of the experience of using NaifuPro, which is now ready to conquer the kitchenware market.

In this short amount of time, NaifuPro has already managed to put the existing kitchen utensil companies against the wall. They won’t ever be able to get access to the elite Naifu craftsmen, and they simply aren’t able to compete with a product this good which is priced at such an affordable amount.

NaifuPro is made from stainless Japanese steel using traditional blacksmithing techniques that have been employed for centuries to forge samurai katanas. Then, these blades are taken to a modern factory and dipped in dried ice to increase the strength of the steel beyond measurable levels. It’s this “no effort is enough” Japanese approach which produces extra-sharp knives that serve their owners for years to come.

Thanks to its traditional samurai production process, NaifuPro also comes with a lifetime guarantee of sharpness, so you don’t have to worry about the knife becoming blunt anytime soon.

During our tests we had to acknowledge that NaifuPro doesn’t just look and feel great. It indeed made cooking easier and faster, too.

The mere fact that we don’t have to apply unnecessary pressure when cutting vegetables made a huge difference.

Not only in how we suddenly started to enjoy cooking a bit more…

But you could also taste it in the food: The tomatoes were cut perfectly crisp, the meat was perfectly prepared, it just made us look like much better cooks than we actually were.

Become a master of quality cooking, even if you don’t cook yet

With NaifuPro you’ll immediately realize that having a proper tool for the job makes all the difference in the world.

Your cooking skills, no matter how small or great already, will definitely profit from having such a tool at your disposal. It sits perfectly in your hand and the innovative laser-cut hole in the blade allows for much cleaner, faster and stabler cutting of anything you might want to cook.

Not only that: A sharp knife, especially one derived from the samurai culture, is a precision tool of honor. It may look dangerous, but in the hands of a skilled person, it is actually much safer than regular knives.

But still, NaifuPro is substantially safer to use than any other knife. The blade has an integrated laser-cut hole which allows you to use your index finger to increase stability when compared to any other knife out on the market. Its oak handle is not glued but embossed and increases stability and control of anyone holding the knife.

You do not need to apply force; it cuts the thinnest of slices with ease. It’s the type of knife that will make you forget about squashed tomatoes or cuts on your—or worse, your partner’s—hands.

Meet some of the users already raving about NaifuPro:

“My boyfriend eats meat, but I don't. So when he bought this tool for us I wasn't really excited, until I saw him chopping our dinner vegetables. I was at first a bit intimidated by how sharp it is, but got the handle of it pretty quick!”
John Doe
“Finally a knife that can literally let you taste Japanese craftsmanship!”
John Doe
“I'm anything but a vegetarian - I'm actually a hunter! So I really needed a knife that I could use when out on my tours in the forests. I couldn't believe how easy it is to cut through even the toughest of bones with this!”
John Doe
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Extra sharp, Samurai Technology infused with modern Japanese technology
  • Safer than usual knives
  • Saves space in your kitchen
  • Stock is Limited
  • Discount is Applicable Only for a Few Days

Is it really worth it?

Not only is NaifuPro a statement in your kitchen, it will also turn the worst of cooks into real masterchefs while making it safe for anyone using it.

Special offer for our readers: For a limited time we’ve managed to secure a special 50% OFF offer for our readers (with FREE shipping). Just simply follow the link below and grab your NaifuPro at an incredible discount of at least 50%. We say AT LEAST because if you buy more knives you will easily be able to get even higher discounts. And why wouldn’t you just get multiple knives? Such craftsmanship is always a welcome present to anyone who likes to cook at home…

How To Buy Naifu Pro?

To make sure you’re getting the original NaifuPro, we strongly advise you to buy it from the official website. Place your order online and the NaifuPro will be delivered to your doorstep.

The company also offers a discount for bulk purchases over 1 item. So, take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.

Naifu Pro
The One Indispensable Knife For Any Professional (Or Hobby) Chef

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